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At Feerick and Associates we only believe in doing work where we have genuine expertise.
This covers three main areas:


Business Coaching

Feerick and Associates can design a business focused coaching program for your people.

We will agree up front what the objectives are for the program, both for the organisation and for the individual.
We offer a free first meeting to ensure that the chemistry is right in the relationship, as this is crucial to the success of the program.

We are flexible on the frequency of the coaching sessions and the method – we offer both telephone and face to face coaching. We believe that the coaching session itself is only part of the process and as such we also offer Email and telephone ad-hoc support between sessions. We will also pass on any literature references that we think may be useful.

All our coaches have completed or are completing external nationally recognised coaching programs. They are also registered with the International Coaching Federation. They have worked at senior levels and each bring their own unique style.

We also offer the opportunity for businesses to develop some of their own skilled internal coaches. We will tailor a coaching skills program for your people regardless of their current level of expertise through a combination of individual and workshop sessions. Objectives will be agreed at the start with both the individuals and the workshop sponsor. If required we will coach the workshop attendees until we feel that they have achieved a suitable standard.


Team Facilitation

We have real expertise in running senior team events.

This is not just an informal “away day” that everyone enjoys and then forgets. It is a results focused day when issues that may have been ignored will be surfaced and actions agreed that the whole team buy in to.

Typically we will hold one to one discussions with each person in the team to discuss the strengths and issues for the team. The day itself will be tailored depending upon the results of the one to one discussions. As a follow up we will look for feedback from the business sponsor, and if required arrange a brief follow up. This may involve attending a regular team meeting for an hour to check that actions have been completed.
As is our policy, we would be happy to develop someone from your organisation so that they could run such events in the future.


Leadership Development

At Feerick and Associates we have designed and delivered a number of Leadership development programs.

The choices for Leadership Development courses can be overwhelming as they range from open programs to academic programs. Our programs tend to be a combination of academic leadership theory blended with organisational realities. We will look to factor in how your organisation operates to make the learning as relevant as possible.

The objectives will be agreed up front with the sponsor and the scheduling of the modules will fit around work pressures, so we will not arrange programs at your busiest trading times. We can also be flexible around shift patterns should this be an issue for you.


Our programs are typically a blend of academic content, real life experience and an external perspective.

We will look at the individual, teams and the external environment and ask some of your successful leaders to join us to inspire others.